A rocketing UAV market!

A booming sector

The revolution of non-military UAV has started. The fast growing use of UAV meets ever increasing needs and applications and their economic potential is immense: it is anticipated that the global market shall develop from $942 million dollars today to $2.3 in 2023 according to analysts.

An almost unlimited development potential

With the boom of non-military use, professional UAV should meet functions carried out until now by satellites, aircrafts or helicopters: supervision of industrial plants, networks and civil engineering buildings, topographical plans of mines and quarries, surveillance of crops, etc. Recreational UAV attract more and more enthusiasts and constantly benefit from technological progress in terms of maneuverability or miniaturization.

France, a European leader

Today, Europe has come at the forefront of the UAV market and France is a leader thanks to its recognized know-how in aeronautics. It also acts as a forerunner in terms of legislation in order to promote the rapid growth of a UAV market: it is, as of today, the only country which formally authorizes out of sight long distance flights.

A show in Paris at last!

Paris UAV Show is the first and only show dedicated to UAV held in Paris, at the heart of the economic and political decision making centers of the industry.

Acting as a genuine crossroads of communication, it will make it possible to:

• Gather in the same place and at the same date every non-military UAV stakeholder in the world.
• Meet with decision makers of the UAV industry.
• Promote technological and business exchange between the industry’s professionals in order to develop customer markets.
• Offer a high-end showcase to exhibitors on an international level to unlock export markets.
• Exchange on issues related to safety and global/European legislation.
• Exhibit innovations and R&D prospects in the industry.
• Strengthen the notoriety of your business.
• Offer the opportunity to try out your products to your prospective customers.



The Paris UAV Show is intended for all global stakeholders in the non-military UAV industry, whether they be large corporations, small and medium size businesses or start-ups: distributors, parts manufacturers, software providers, service providers, etc. who will find an opportunity to exhibit their solutions


The International UAV Show will offer to providers, purchasers and non-military UAV users an opportunity to build links with the industry’s stakeholders in every field. It is also intended for local authorities and users collectives.


The International UAV Show will meet the demands of a general public wishing to discover the latest developments and applications of the non-military UAV market, whether it be in the field of cartography, surveillance or video. Visitors will be able to discover a wide selection of products and flying tips.


The UAV market represents several hundred non-military applications, a situation that offers enormous growth potential in extremely various fields.
The fields covered by the International UAV Show reflects such diversity:

  • Energy (infrastructure, gas and oil exploration, etc.)

  • Transport (rail, road, naval and fluvial)

  • Construction, building and public works, real estate (building inspection, etc.)

  • Agriculture

  • Media (cultural and sports events, etc.)

  • Photography and professional video (aerial photography)

  • Security and non-military safety (protection of sensitive sites, fight against forest fires, etc.)

  • Training (flying, data processing, etc.)

  • Etc

“Message from the Commissioner-general”

We love the present moment. The past used to be
the present and the same will apply to the future. We strive for passion and the opportunity to experience that passion.

Building on our enthusiasm and our open minds, we wish to share our dreams, our needs, our expectations. We are ready to give and to receive, here and now. We are crazy entrepreneurs!
Let’s meet at Porte de Versailles for the first International UAV Show on Saturday 18 February, Sunday 19 February and Monday 20 February, 2017.
We will make our dream come true there meet each other in the same place and at the same time to share our dynamism, to walk together towards the same goal, to channel our work towards the same direction.
What other objective if not, in the end, the combination of this common passion, this addition of energies turned
into an exponential proliferation of success to the benefit of all?



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Reserve your hostesses , security guard service, furniture, plasma screens, catering, champagne,for any options you may need, please send us an email tech@parisuavshow.com

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From R&D to mass-production: the age of industrialization – How should
SMB, purchasers and players approach and anticipate this new development phase?

Digital advantage
– If UAV is considered like a means rather than an end, the added value of the industry lies in data processing: automated recognition, data sorting, output restitution, etc.

Safety: regulation issues raised by UAV : France implemented a flexible framework which allows for future evolution in the field. What about other countries?

Practical applications of professional UAV – Fight against cable theft or inspection of civil engineering structures in the case of SNCF, parcel delivery by La Poste, water stress and crop diseases supervision, etc. Three cases – three accounts.


From military to non-military: duplication of the Internet model? – Just like it was the case with the Internet network, UAV derive from a military technology that later developed in the non-military sector where start-up spirit prevails. Can the Internet model predict the future of the sector? Has the merger race started yet? Who will be the champions of tomorrow?

UAV: new emperor in the air? – Towards radical developments in the concept of helicopters or aircrafts.
Choose the right recreational UAV – Size, performance, maneuverability, etc. What criteria shall guide the user before he makes his final choice?

Obtaining a remote pilot licence – Practical and theoretical lessons, self-directed learning,
software training: what knowledge is required to pilot a non-military UAV? What training courses are proposed by the different service providers on the market?


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